Croatian Folk Songs from Istria

“This year, however, as a result of the dedicated work of the publisher Mr Josip Krmpotić of Pula, here is the first collection of Croatian folk songs from Istria, which I have compiled and harmonized for male and mixed voice choirs, and which I hereby send into the world, confident that every sentient and thinking being will properly admire them, and that the Croatian people to whom these songs belong, will joyfully accept and be proud of them.”

This is a sentence written by Matko Brajša Rašan in July 1910 in the preface of his book Croatian Folk Songs from Istria, which was published during the period of the first Croatian printing shops on the territory of Istria. This collection of notation, the full title of which is Croatian Folk Songs from Istria (50): Secular and Ecclesiastical = Chansons nationales croates d'Istrie, contains Istrian folk songs compiled and harmonized for male and mixed voice choirs by Istrian composer, conductor and collector of Istrian folk songs Matko Brajša Rašan. The book was published in Pula in 1910 by the then most prominent publisher in Pula, Josip Krmpotić. The book is important and valuable both from the typographical perspective, because it was the first book of written folk songs in which Istrian music was printed as sheet music, and also from the aspect of its contents, since it represents part of the musical and folklore heritage of Istria. This publication is also considered to be the first collection of folklore records from Istrian coastal areas.

Digitized Collection