Help with Searching

How to search and view material

The digital collection of books and postcards can be directly viewed in the E-Collection menu according to the type of material, i.e. according to the particular collection. When you select a collection, you access all digitized reproductions contained in that collection, organized into groups of twelve reproductions per page.

The digital collection can be searched according to elements from the bibliographic record.

 The digital collection search form contains six search boxes:

  • title – words from the title
  • author – names of authors, editors, and other contributors (a postcard author is the photographer)
  • publisher – names of publishers and printing houses
  • year – year of publication of original material
  • place – place of publication or printing of original material
  • subject – subject tags, key words

When searching, it is not necessary to enter the exact word order. Searching can be done by using one or more criteria.

When searching the postcards, in the subject field you should enter:

  • words describing the spatial organization of the city of Pula (for example: names of streets, parks, and so on)
  • words describing cultural and historical monuments and other significant buildings/edifices in Pula (for example: Hercules' Gate, Armed Forces House)
  • words describing the urban structure of the city of Pula and other specific features from the period when the postcard was produced (for example: Naval Arsenal, Naval Port, Marine Casino)

Kako se gotovo sve razglednice motivom odnose na Pulu (osim četiri koje prikazuju Brijune i Vodnjan), predmetna oznaka Pula nije u bazi.

Icon Popis predmetnih oznaka (PDF) (57.9 KB)