The Postcard Collection

…Maine Liebe Bella …Mio caro cuginetto ... Milá Lenko …Draga sestro …Kedves Blanka … Liebe Gretel …Gruss aus Pola

An interesting and valuable part of the Library's regional fund is a collection of postcards currently containing 435 postcards showing the sights of Pula. These date from the end of the 19th century onwards. Postcards as a medium of communication in Europe appeared in the 1870s. However, most postcards in our collection belong to the golden period in the development of postcards, which lasted from 1897 to 1914. This authentic collection represents a valuable source of the visual identity of Pula, bears witness to its urban development, and is a memory of its cultural identity. The elegantly shaped squares, churches, cultural monuments, Austro-Hungarian sailors, passers-by, ships anchored along the dock, landscaped parks and other (un)known sights, coupled with the calligraphic handwriting and postage stamps with the image of Franz Joseph, create a nostalgic picture of Pula and its inhabitants at the turn of the century. These postcards were of standard size (approximately 14 x 8 cm), printed using a photo printing technique, and represent small masterpieces of the printing trade from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

Publishers / printers of postcards of Pula:

C. Fano (Pula)
G. Fano (Pula)
F.W. Schrinner (Pula)
M. Clapis (Pula)
Guido Costalunga (Pula)
A. Bonetti (Pula)
Josip Krmpotić (Pula)
O. C. (Pula)
M. Fischer (Pula)
St. Valacchi (Pula)
Stephan Vlach (Pula)
A. e G. Rude (Pula)
G. Rude (Pula)
G. Z. (Pula)
Stengel & Co. (Dresden, Berlin)
Dr. Trenkler Co. (Leipzig)
M. Schulz (Prague)
Modiano (Trieste)

Digitized Postcard Collection
Digitized Postcard Collection II