Regional Collection

Basic information about the regional collection:

  • Fund: 6,500 units of library material
  • Field: Istria
  • Type of material: books, periodicals, AV material, graphic material, cartographic material, small print
  • Systematic collecting: since 2004
  • Access: limited
  • Storage location: Department of General Science, separate room
  • Area: 28 m2

The regional collection is a special collection of Pula City Library which brings together all types of materials whose content is related to the region of Istria, with a particular emphasis on Pula and its surroundings. It has been systematically organized since the Library moved into new premises (2004). However, material had been collected from the very first days of the Library (1957). The collection is of exceptional value and significance because it provides an insight into the cultural, social, political and economic life of the local community and whole region, offering rich sources of information from all fields of knowledge and creativity. Insight into the materials allows the acquisition of knowledge on the culture, history, tradition and customs related to Istria, and also the activities and works of famous people, artistic creativity and other specific aspects of the cultural and historical heritage of the Istrian region. We collect rare and old editions, as well as all recent ones.

Construction, protection and promotion of the regional collection as source material for understanding and exploring the development of the spiritual and material culture of the region is an important element of Library services.

Types of item in the collection

  • books
  • periodical publications (magazines, newspapers, yearbooks)
  • city maps (cartographic material), maps
  • audio-visual material (CDs, audio tapes, DVDs, video tapes)
  • graphic material (postcards, posters, graphic maps, photos)
  • small print
  • notation


Nova Istra, Epulon, Histria archeologica, Istra, Istra: glasilo Saveza emigranata iz Julijske krajine. Godišta 1933. i 1936., Čakavska rič, Istra: časopis za kulturu, La battana, Barkun


Jurina i Franina, Franina i Jurina, Istarska Danica

Daily newspapers:

Glas Istre, Il piccolo

Location of the regional collection

The regional collection is located in the Library's Department of General Science, in a separate room/reading room which offers six desks for users. The collection is kept in closed cabinets, categorized by type of material, while on the shelves it is categorized by UDC group. Material published up to 1950 is in a separate series.

Terms of Use

The fund of the regional collection cannot be taken outside the Library and can only be used in the reading room, every day from 7:30 to 19:30, and Saturdays from 7:30 to 13:00.
Copies of material in the regional collection, if the Library possesses them, can be found in the Library's general fund, and can be borrowed according to general lending

Regional collection materials can be searched using the Library's e-catalogue.